The Art of Traveling Like a Boss

I want to travel the world where do I begin
*Before we dive in, just know that this post contains affiliate links that help me make an extra buck (or two 😎) to spontaneously travel and keep bringing you the content—at no cost to you.*

*Some tips & tricks for your next getaway*

After the madness of 2020, it’s time we got back out in the world again. Since I started traveling ten years ago, I’ve been to destinations worldwide and flown there on a wide range of airlines. After venturing from one city to the next, I’ve realized one thing: there’s no telling who or what you’ll encounter, which means you’ll need to be ready to travel like a boss at any given time.

From mariachi at midnight, to restaurants where you can go barefoot, I’ve seen a lot while on the road. After going, doing, and seeing the impossible, I have tips & tricks from A to Z on how I travel. Let’s go! 🚀

A. Sign up for Scott’s Cheap Flights so you can keep your eyes peeled for great deals. 

B. Browse for airline tickets on Google Flights so you know all of your options before booking.

C. Pack like you’re never coming back. 

D. Get a friend to take you to the airport. Or Uber. Or Lyft.

E. Roll in and travel like a boss — even if it’s 5 a.m.

F. Get a CLEAR subscription so you never have to wait in that TSA line from hell again 👹

G. The window seat is your best friend. 

H. Pick Delta Air Lines as they never fill the middle seats or Southwest since they let you check two, count them TWO, bags for your trip. FOR FREE!

I. Since you’ve brought your whole bedroom with you, you’ve got a neck pillow, facemask, and the works ready for your flight.

Travel Like a Boss
This masterpiece was brought to you by Frazy Designz.

J. If you’re flying internationally, be sure to bring your toothbrush and additional snacks, water, and entertainment as you may have T-10 hours to go.

K. ZZZZZZzzzzzz

L. Strike up an interesting conversation with the person next to you, just because.

M. Don’t do this….

N. Be mindful of the time change between your departing destination and your arrival destination. Is it a drastic difference?

O. Study some last-minute basics of the language spoken at your next destination. It always helps to know how to say “how much is the chocolate cake?


Travel Like a Boss

Q. Don’t, I repeat don’t, exchange your money at the airport and if you absolutely have to, only do $20 bucks. Why? Because you can stop in town and use an ATM that converts your money for a small fee.

R. Get a SIM card from the country you’re in so that your cellular data isn’t through the roof.

S. Download WhatsApp so that you can communicate with new acquaintances during your trip.

T. Depending on which country you land in, there will be shuttles, taxis, and Ubers to take you where you need to go. Do a bit of research before to scope out the best option.  🚘

U. If you’re renting a car where you may be driving on the opposite side of the road, I’ll pray for you.

V. Check into your hotel, hostel, or Airbnb next to get settled and drop off all of your belongings.

W. Find out about all of the amazing local things there are to do from your host or the front desk. *Best tip of them all*

X. Pop a bottle of champagne to celebrate your arrival.

Y. Just. One. More. Nap. 😴

Z. Explore the city with no regrets, no expectations, and the best pair of shades you can find.

Travel Like a Boss
Shades for only 300 pesos, courtesy of the Philippines.

Do you have a travel tip or trick that has served you well on your adventures? Comment below to show the rest of us how you travel like a boss. See you on the road! ✨



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